Saturday, June 4, 2011

Palette Inspiration - Coral

Coral has always been a favorite of mine. To me it speaks of preppy idealism where one sips fresh fruit cocktails after a day building a golden glow on a breezy summer afternoon. Super crisp and traditional when paired with white, but can also evoke a softer more vintage feel if paired with creams and neutrals. Some of my favorites from Farrow & Ball are Dutch Pink, Fowler Pink and Red Earth.

Love this because it likely wouldn't have been a colour solution I would have thought of straight away. Coral gloss on built in bookshelves - think this looks amazing!

Love coral as a less "sweet" alternative to pink in a bedroom - still achieve great warmth, but more gender neutral.

From Martha Stewart - love how it is paired with gray to keep it feeling contemporary.

Again with gray and also from MS - love painting the back of bookshelves in a feature colour.

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