Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebration of a Legend - Albert Hadley

It was on Thursday that design legend Albert Hadley passed away. Now this may be old news to many, but nonetheless I still thought it posed an opportunity for me to share what I found inspirational in him.

In a field which can often get wrapped up in names and labels, deadlines and schedules Hadley had the insight to what in my opinion design is really about. 

"But names really are not the point". It's what you can achieve for the simplest person. Glamour is part of it, but glamour is not the essence. Design is about discipline and reality, not about fantasy beyond reality." (Source)

He managed to transform spaces for many of America's elite, but still retained his humility. He drew on history and seemed to respect it while challenging it all at once - a dangerous dance that many do not get right. But he did. 

His work speaks of ease and elegance and is presented as beautifully uncontrived - statues of any great designer. 

How does Hadley's work inspire you?

Hadley's Design for a Colonial Living Room 

Hadley's Manhattan Apartment 

Diana Quasha's Manhattan Apartment

Hadley's Design for Brooke Astor's Library 

Further Reading

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