Friday, March 30, 2012

Nourish - Super Soup to the Rescue

I have been a bit MIA - between a blog redesign and a feisty cold that I can't seem to kick, Blogging just hasn't been at the top of my list. Nonetheless I am going to need a dose of TLC tonight and I think that will come in the form of my kale and butter bean soup - or "super soup" as my boyfriend has coined it. It's a recipe that I adapted from a couple of different ones to suit my taste. Wrapped up in all that broth are some serious nutrients and vitamins which will hopefully get me replenished for the weekend!

As with most soups (and my general style of cooking) it's a dash of this and a slash of that until it tastes just right.


2 tbsp Olive Oil 
3 cups chopped Kale (feel free to add more or less to your preference) 
2 cans butter beans 
1 can chopped tomatoes 
4 -5 cups chicken  stock
1 onion (diced) 
1 - 2 cloves of garlic 
3 stalks of celery (chopped)
3 - 4 chopped carrots 
Salt & Pepper to taste 
Splash of Wostershire sauce 
Splash of Tabasco Sauce 
5 - 8 small round potatoes cut into 4


In a large pot over medium heat coat the onions and sauté until slightly transparent (maybe 3 or so mins) add the celery and carrots and potatoes wait a couple of minutes then add in the garlic (this way the garlic is sure to not burn) and kale. Cook until the Kale has wilted slightly. Add a dash of salt and pepper (you can always add more later). 

Add the stock gradually (you can also add more of this later. Drain the butter beans and add them to the pot. Add the chopped tomatoes and the splash of Wostershire and Tabasco. 

The broth will look a bit "foamy" (I think this is because of the beans) but not to worry. Place the lid and cook for about 40 mins, giving it a stir every 15 or so. Lift the lid and presto no foam! 

I like to shave some Parmesan cheese on top and serve with a little whole grain toast. 

And TA DA - "Super Soup" is served. 


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  1. Butter beans sound so much yummier then Lima Beans! - BTW, I made this and it rocked! Everyone loved it!