Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brown - gilded with an update.

Chocolate brown certainly had its heyday - paired with pink or maybe baby blue it dominated the colour spectrum in the early 2000s, but fear not chocolate lovers - I think it's making a comeback - with gold! 

There is something about brown and gold that evokes luxury and opulence (to me anyways). So whether it be velvet or leather, gold matt or polish - indulge in this combination of sophistication. 

Image Credits
1. Antique Brown Velvet Settee from www.jaysonhome.com/
2. From Nicole Gaetano via Pinterest
3. Kate Spade - Year of October Ring $78 www.katespade.com
4. From Martha Stewart Living October 2011
5. http://jenningsandgates.blogspot.com/
6. Paper Mache Bowl, Brown and Gold - The Moon from etsy.com
7. Image from Anne S Lucas - taken at Kipferl Islington, London. 
8. Michele Carles for Maison du Chocolat - found this amazing image through a great post on This is Glamourous citified.blogspot.com/

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