Monday, November 14, 2011

Classic Holiday Wreaths - Top 5

Great wreaths can make your front door inviting and to me always puts a smile on my face when I approach. They don't have to be exclusive to the holidays, but I think they conjure up a certain fuzzy nostalgia this time of year.

It's all about the ribbon. Hanging a wreath with the right ribbon is the equivalent of the perfect accessory. My favorite - super wide (1.5 - 2'') Satin Silk (silk gives it a nice weight) ribbon. It can add a pop of colour or just add to the simple luxury of holiday style.

They are also surprisingly easy to make yourself. I always love going to the Christmas tree farm and getting a big bag of scraps. Buy yourself a roll of florist wire and a soft touch wreath form and you have one exciting afternoon ahead. Martha Stewart (of course) has a great how to video

Berry Wreath $128 from Terrain

Boxwood Wreath $68

Victorian kitchen from Country Living - love the striped ribbon. 


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