Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Designer Spotlight - Philipp Mainzer

Simplicity, sophistication, clean lines and oozing craftsmanship these pieces have it all. German designer Philipp Mainzer definitely has the art of furniture design down pact and let's face it, his being German pretty much means it is in his blood. 

His pieces are transitional, quietly bold and would fit perfectly alongside both mid century and century old antiques. With customizations in wood, finishes and fabrics they are also easily personalized. There is something about them which to me exudes the comfort of home and curated forms which could grace a gallery space. 

Most of his pieces can be sourced through E15 (http://www.e15.com/) of which Mainzer is the managing and creative director. There website has some great images. Enjoy! 

The Byron Lounge Chair 

designed with Florian Asche, 1999

The Backenzahn Stool/Side Table 

Designed 1996

The Ponte Table 

Designed 1994

Habibi Coffee Table 

Designed 2008

All Images from www.E15.com 

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