Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dental By Design

From citified.blogspot.com

So you have designed the bathroom of your dreams...Ann Sacks tile, Waterworks taps etc. etc. and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labour (or your designers) and out comes the Oral-B. I've always been a bit bemused as to why mainstream dental care companies can't come up with a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the brightly coloured NASA inspired tools which most of us use every day. Well the wait is over and now you and your bathroom can see dental hygiene and design become one.

My absolute favorite, but still have no idea where to buy in the USA. From janeke.it

From Swissco - available at anthropologie.com

$18 From http://www.kentbrushes.com/

Available at waterworks.com

Engine Turned Pewter from waterworks.com

$13 for a set of 4 from http://www.izolashower.com/

Bamboo Toothbrush $36 for a set of 12 from http://environmentaltoothbrush.com.au/

For a punch of colour From http://www.kikkerlandshop.com/

Happy Brushing!

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