Saturday, August 13, 2011

Deserted Style

One of my best friends is flying into SF from London next week for a quick stopover before she takes part in the famous burning man festival which is held every year in Nevada's black rock desert. It sounds amazing. Part art festival, part music festival - a platform for self expression and self reliance all under the raw desert landscape and once it is over no trace must be left!

Alas I am not joining her on the adventure this time, but it doesn't mean I can be inspired by the desolate calm the desert can offer. Now normally my taste tends to lean towards the traditional and to those spaces and items which have a patina only time can provide, but there is something about the desert which makes me feel like it really needs a crisp modern structure to avoid it looking like you just re-habilitated a vacant home from a post gold rush ghost town.

Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Neutra = Beautiful                             Ghost Town = creepy
(from                                                                        From

Desert House from Marmol Radziner From

Desert House from Marmol Radziner from

Interior of Marmol Radziner House from


From - inspiration from @yoomegs

Awesome desert gear from

Desert Nomad House by Rick Joy Architects - From

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