Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mobile Inspiration - Nursery Design

So while I was in Canada one of the highlights of my trip was definitely my best friend's baby shower. Inspired by her awaiting bundle of joy she crafted up these amazing mobiles using embroidery hoops in varying sizes with beautiful paper inset in each - it looked awesome! It's such a great way to create a hand tailored and unisex (or not if you prefer) statement in a nursery or child's room. So here's what the effect looks like:

Also similar concept, but wall hung.

And so my inspiration continues - here are a few other great mobile ideas I managed to discover.

Love how simple and delicate this feels. Looking at the close up it looks like it is made from either a newspaper or book - would love to take a favorite book from my childhood, photocopy and recreate - Beatrix Potter anyone? Image from

Image from

I'm a total sucker for simple wooden children's toys/accessories. From and camera from

Image from - Mobile Sourced at in SF

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