Monday, September 5, 2011

Colour Forecast - Mustard...sort of


I have a tendency for using colours you can't quite put your finger on. Not quite this, but with a bit of that - an undertone of...etc. etc. I believe colour is at its best when you walk into a room and the feeling and atmosphere of the colour takes over as opposed to its definition. My latest inspiration mustard, comes with a hint of brown to give it age, a dash of red to make it less acidic and green. Cane and Sand from Farrow & Ball are both unusual colours, but can create dramatic impact if used correctly!


Miles Redd Living Room from

Love the colour of this sofa- From

Artist John Maddison's Townhouse - Painted in Sand #45 from Farrow & Ball - from


Taken from amazing post by Kirsten Grove of

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